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Professor Hardman is co-director of the Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Systems Medicine (ICSM).



At ICSM, we design, develop and apply pathophysiological models of human organ systems, with the aim of addressing issues of impact in critical illness and medical crisis scenarios.


We are developing computer simulation models of intensive care patients receiving mechanical ventilation and resuscitation. These models will be used to test different treatment strategies in critically ill patients in a disease-specific manner. This approach will allow us to develop personalised treatment strategies for critically-ill patients.

PhD opportunities


A variety of PhD projects are offered, ranging in methodologies from clinical trials, modelling, benchtop simulations and systematic reviews. Subject matter for PhD projects is tailored to the student and to the group’s current research interests.


Please contact Prof Hardman or Prof Bates to discuss possibilities.


For more information see our website or review publications in the field.

Subject matter


Critical illness and medical crises are a huge drain on our society. They consume a disproportionate part of medical budgets and are tremendously disruptive to patients and their families. Due to the unpredictable nature of these issues, the heterogeneity of patients and the time critical nature of events, recruitment to clinical studies is difficult, and the results disappointingly noisy and unhelpful. There has thus developed a pressing need for a novel method to answer questions of crucial importance to these most vulnerable of patients.


We are using complex, high-fidelity, multi-organ models to address ventilation strategies in the Intensive Care Unit, and their effects on gas exchange, ventilator-associated lung injury and tissue oxygen delivery. This work is currently funded by the MRC and is staffed by 2 post-doctoral researchers, 2 PhD students and 2 professors.

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